Hi, my name is Felicia Atkinson and I studied as a history student in Milan. During the time I got passionate about online trading and I studied it by myself online. I discovered Forex and binary options and online trading in general. I have learnt the best strategies and this is now my essential source of income. Today I’m able to offer you my personal blog which will give you some great suggestions and where you will find some really good tips on how to deal with day online trading. As I discovered an online trading and at the beginning I wasn’t doing very well, I must say that I have lost some money as well. With a long learning I have become a true online trader. It’s not at all a simple thing but as I did, you can always learn some great stuff which will bring you on the top.


Learn how to trade

As you can read above my presentation, myself one day not so long time ago I was a student as you are today. I had all my dreams in my head and waiting for being realized and there was my persistence that was pushing me every day further and further. It was pushing me to my limit, to study more, to explore even more and to make my own experience. And at the end I may say that I’ve finally made it. Felicia Atkinson alias myself is ready to do some very good online trading. And I’m not kidding.

if you learn from the very best you’re going to be number one”

I was a beginner as you were, but nowadays I’m a capable young woman who can teach you a lot of stuff about online trading. I can teach you some hidden things that nobody will ever show you, I can show you the strategies that brought me on the top.

I’m completely sure that my blog can open your eyes and make you see the new world that exists out there. The world full of opportunities if you study hard that just wait for you and your decision to star with an online trading. I’m going to be by your side and my blog will help you before you start anything.


Act fast and act in security

 I must say you that studying and experience is one of the most important things that you should do for your future and for your job. The great thing today is that you have an applications, software and help that are going to be available for you 24/7 in different worldwide languages. They will help you whenever you need them and they are going to be available for you any time you need them.



My last two years

Leaving my everyday things I have strarted my new passion and that is online trading. From the beggining I didn’t earn a lot of money and that’s why at the beginning day trading was only my second income, after all I have finally found my way to earn a considerable amount of money which made me leave my leave my job and start working from home.

“no need to invest o to have a lot of money. With a very small amount,you are going to be capable of starting this new adventure online”


Here is the list of my results in last two years:


  • Jun 2015 – 743 dollars
  • July 2015 – 453 dollars
  • August 2015 + 20 dollars
  • September 2015 +1.023 dollars
  • October 2015 + 993 dollars
  • November 2015 +1. 534 dollars
  • December 2015 + 2.013 dollars
  • January 2016 – 867 dollars
  • February 2016 + 3.234 dollars
  • March 2016 +2. 987 dollars
  • April 2016 +4.759 dollars
  • May 2016 – 3217 dollars
  • June 2016 +1.564 dollars
  • July 2016 – 237 dollars
  • August 2016 – 987 dollars
  • September 2016 + 6.575 dollars
  • October 2016 – 376 dollars
  • November 2016 +886 dollars
  • December 2016 +14.223 dollars
  • January 2017 + 3.549 dollars
  • February 2017 + 1.343 dollars
  • March 2017 – 567 dollars
  • April 2017+ 2.434 dollars
  • May 2017+ 2.876 dollars