When you want to invest the real money in the markets you do your day trading. My day starts like this, as soon as I wake up I put myself near my computer and on my pc screen I am able to control the situation in real time and in every moment deciding when to enter, when to buy and when to sell. We are talking about markets of course.

It is not simple job and it has a lot of risks also, but if you decide to open your home office and start a day trading, good choice for you.

“lot of people do day trading as a second income but also as a unique work if they find they are good at it” 

Being your own boss is the greatest thing of this job. Just us, and our smart tricks to play on the others and to get some money at the end of the working day. That’s the point. I really enjoy it.

I usually use a Forex market and a binary options market. This means that my work and my trading takes places during the week and during lot of hours during one single day. I generally start with a small amount of money like 100 dollars and then I raise if I see that the situation is convenient. Forex and binary options are most accessible to all persons. There are very similar and both use the online trading. Before trading with any kind of market first of all you have to have a plan and a strategy. The biggest difference between this two types is that binary options have the risk bit also the profit based and fixed on the outset of the trade.

Forex trading is much more variable and is not fixed.