As a television films do tell you what to desire, how to live and what to live also during the everyday trading you should understand that your broker must be a perfect person, a perfect partner, a perfect solution for every your problem and a perfect friend to understand your instant happiness. It’s not a simple thing choosing the right person who will guide you through your life, your work and your future.

So, if you want to be in the money, never follow ads as this

This person must be carefully selected and one of the kind. It should be the one who will give you the right advice at the right time and the person you will never blame if something goes wrong.



Regulated Vs. non regulated brokers

And here we come to a question of regulated and non regulated brokers. The difference is big and the importance is huge of having a regulated broker next to you. It is a very serious fact I am talking about so lend me your ears.

As always says my friend Maxime, director of moneyonlinethai magazine, to his readers

“choose only regulated brokers and don’t mess with not regulated ones. The danger can be huge”

 Choosing your own broker who will support you 24/7 must be a good and perfect choice. It can’t be a decision made under pressure or in fast circumstances. You have to trust this person.

It is not a joke because we are talking about online trading and about the future of your money, so who will be responsible for your money?! The person you don’t even know or someone you will trust till the end?

You know exactly what the answer is, so don’t ask me at all to go even deeper in the question. If you need some help and my advice you know I’m here and will always help you because my goal is to create young and successful people just as I am, and that would be my greatest goal and my greatest reward.

We all know now what IQ Option is, that is a regular and unique broker which uses a perfect platform for day trading. They have huge trading competitions and they are there to help you when you need them.

“go only for the safe and guaranteed sites, platforms and brokers”



Online platforms for trading that I use

Ava Trade and eToro are both online platforms where you can open your accounts and start dealing with the online trading. They make you a security of funds and they guarantee you they regular and regulated job. That’s why a lot of people choose them as they also choose only regulated brokers because it’s very dangerous to mix with the things that are not secure and reliable. We are talking about your money man. Never think that you don’t need a help and that you can do it by your own. You will always need an experienced broker by your side. You will always need a most popular and secure trading platforms. Trust me. I can tell you that I know my lesson an I don’t mess any more with the things that are no secure.

“always read carefully the online conditions before you start online trading”

Online trading is a serious job and only serious day traders know that they have to choose always the best and stay far away from online scams, not regulated things and everything that you can find online. Be careful and don’t trow yourself in the first thing that you find online. You know that the world wide web is so huge that you can get lost really simply.