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My trading routine

Choose a perfect broker or fail your trading

And here we come to a question of regulated and non regulated brokers. The difference is big and the importance is huge of having a regulated broker next to you. It is a very serious fact I am talking about so lend me your ears.

As always says my friend Maxime, director of moneyonlinethai magazine, to his readers

“choose only regulated brokers and don’t mess with not regulated ones. The danger can be huge”

Benefits of trading in my student life

Online trading is an art that can be easily studied and that can become a domain of all the people that want it to become (even if some traders have regrets). Simple and easy, for everyone who wants to change their life radically and is ready for a new beginning.

Day trading

When you want to invest the real money in the markets you do your day trading. My day starts like this, as soon as I wake up I put myself near my computer and on my pc screen I am able to control the situation in real time and in every moment deciding when to enter, when to buy and when to sell. We are talking about markets of course.

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