Online trading is an art that can be easily studied and that can become a domain of all the people that want it to become (even if some traders have regrets). Simple and easy, for everyone who wants to change their life radically and is ready for a new beginning.

Some of the benefits surely are:

  • you can sell and buy some stocks all over the world simply with your internet connection
  • it’s much more cheaper
  • you can control everything and at any time and from every corner of the world
  • with one click you get in touch with your personal helper or even do your job without it (depends on you)


It is something that is becoming bigger and bigger every year with so many people that are trying to enter this kind of job and life. It can look simple, but only hard study and hard work can bring you among the best ones. The most evident results you will see when you finally start working seriously one day and when you will need to put inside all your knowledge and even more to reach your goals. But it’s going to worth it.


How I became a day trader

How did I, Felicia became a online trader? It may seem very strange to you, but one evening while I was having a dinner with my friend outside in a restaurant I met a group of people who were just doing that kind of job. At the beginning I didn’t understand much because when they started to talk in their “trading” language about IQ Option, IG, binary options etc. for me it was like talking Chinese.

“if you want something just go for it”

That was one of the inputs that made me start a research, made me want to study more, made me investigate and to find the best trading institute where I have spent a lot of time and where I have studied a lot, really a lot. Not to talk about the experience that I didn’t have and I was hungry of knowledge. I spent some time back to back with one great forex trader who showed me some tricks and now I can say that I have my own too, and I can say that I really love it.

Finally I can define myself a good day trader, I can be capable of understanding that trading language, and making also some money online.